The shooting of the new international feature film Wild Urge was recently finished. Based on true events, the film tells the story of a successful lawyer, suspected of drugging a young woman who claims he had sexually assaulted her.

The lawyer is portrayed by the well-known award winning German actor Samuel Fintzi. He is interrogated by a female police investigator (played by Israeli actress Yaara Pelzig), who suffers from a severe eating disorder caused by her trauma from the past.

The film also features Serbian-French actor and César Award nominee, Radivoje Bukvic. Slovenian actress Nina Rakovec is in the role of the young woman, who claims to be assaulted and Mia Skrbinac is playing the investigator’s life partner.

The film is produced by the European production company PERFO Production, and directed by the Israeli writer and director Sharon Bar-Ziv - whose first feature film, “Room 514” won the Tribeca Best Director Award. The script was co-written by his sister Noa Bar-Ziv, a therapist specializing in eating and trauma disorders of young women. Film was shot entirely in English, the plot takes place in an unremarkable isolated farm and under the anonymity of the urban landscape - hinting at the universality of the events taken place. Wild Urge will be released worldwide in 2022.